• Client
  • Zagreb Student Centre

  • Work
  • Branding, Graphic Design

  • Year
  • 2014

23. Dani hrvatskog filma – Film festival

The 23. edition of ‘Dani hrvatskog filma’ (Croatian Film Days) caused quite a stir in the cultural public and media, as the festival was abruptly canceled with preparations already under way. The decision was subsequently withdrawn after a public outrage and the festival was permitted to continue, albeit with severe budget cuts.

Rather than glossing over the incident, the visuals were designed to reflect the turmoil and keep the conversation about the fate of the festival going. All materials were first designed, then destroyed, then pieced back together (or ‘resurrected’), in a direct reference to the organizational problems. They were photographed in front of the Zagreb Student Centre, which had been the festival’s home since its beginnings, the gold reflecting its triumphant endurance.

The identity was co-designed with Karla Paliska.

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