• Client
  • MA Thesis

  • Work
  • Concept, Interaction Design

  • Year
  • 2015

Fragments: The female antifascist Zagreb

The goal of this project was to bring the (historically marginalized) stories of female antifascist fighters back into the collective memory of Zagreb and its citizens, to re-establish them as part of the community identity using augmented reality and interactive media. Their stories are told by moving through physical spaces they inhabited and collecting (piecing) their fragments together.

Instead of 'repurposing' already occupied physical spaces (such as renaming streets), the project aims to occupy spaces of actual personal significance and imbue them with details of their lives (written accounts, photographs, videos). These spaces become places of participation, interaction and conversation about the past and allow visitors to support this type of experimental memorial system.

The visitors (participants) generate and share content. Photographs of these augmented, hybrid spaces, geotagged and uploaded to various social networks, change the physical image of the city in the virtual space. Sharing them will generate further interest in the project and hopefully encourage participation and growth of the project.