• Client
  • University of Zagreb

  • Work
  • Branding, Graphic Design

  • Year
  • 2014

The University of Zagreb Fair

The Fair is an annual University of Zagreb event that aims to inform current and prospective students about courses of study, curricula, career opportunities, student accommodation in Zagreb, student life, and many other interesting details. In short, everything the students need to know gathered and laid out for them in one place.

The starting point for design was the idea that ‘knowledge is food for the mind’. We printed learning materials from various subjects in a range of fields to A4 papers, then we folded those into paper models of various foods under the slogan ‘All served in one place’, re-imagining the Fair as a creative ‘cafeteria’ of knowledge, offering each prospective student exciting and creative possibilities.

The identity was co-designed with Karla Paliska and Martin Peranović.