• Client
  • Self-initiated

  • Work
  • Graphic Design

  • Year
  • 2014


The_Zine is an independent platform for publishing works in the field of creative production, in the form of a web page and a printed fanzine. In the spirit of the DIY approach, the content is user-generated — users send in individual spreads, so each issue is created almost spontaneously, by the accumulation of collected pages. The topic of each issue is chosen randomly, using a ‘random word generator’ and Google Translate, and the participants can interpret it as they wish. Each new issue is published online and anyone can print it out at home.

We set up a workstation during Dan D 2014, an annual design festival in Zagreb, where visitors could observe the zines being hand-made and take a copy home with them.

With: Anta Bučević, Martin Peranović and Alma Šavar (Bokte)

Awarded 2nd place at Dan D 2014